Old Songs New: Every Stone You Throw

This song opened my 1987 album, Time for Us All, which was recorded in the guest house of my friend Georg in Muskogee Ok.
The song was written on a trip to a beach somewhere near Boston. I had spent the day walking the sands, looking for shells and skipping stones. The lyric is obscured by our impulse to take the idea of throwing stones as negative- as in “casting the first one,” or “living in glass houses.” This song bypasses those ideas, emphasizing, “every stone” not just the bad ones. I was thinking how all we do and all we contribute- good or bad has wider impact than we imagine. The stone we throw could sink a steamer or scrap a rowboat, cause sea levels to rise, and wash back up to us. Beyond this, the stones we throw, will outlive us. I hope this song causes us to reflect on how our choices and actions affect and contribute to the world we share.

Instrument notes: yes, that is a 5 string c-banjo playing the rhythm!