I am concerned about the trend that sees and refers to others as “sheeple”, “zombies”, and “lizard people”. While ideological tags like “conservative” or “liberal” tend to shrink the scope of another’s personhood, these animal or undead tags aim to remove the personhood of others entirely.Contrast this with a few concepts that arise from the […]

The Unreachable Edge

If we were staying still, light that began 40 billion years ago at a distant point in the universe would be reaching us now.  But it is not.  The universe is expanding at increasing speed, faster than the speed of light.  As a result we are pursued by ancient light that emanated long before we […]

Books: The Grey World, Evelyn Underhill

I have taken a few running starts at Underhill’s major work on Practical Mysticism, but I have never gotten through it. I was surprised to discover this remarkable thinker was also a novelist. In the Grey World Underhill deals with life from the perspective of the dead, rather than death from the perspective of the […]

Readings: Ada Barnett, The Man on the Other Side

Ada Barnett, The Man on the Other Side It started for me when I read Charles Williams’ Descent Into Hell. It was a compelling and realistic description of the spiritual world and spiritual struggle.. I continued to be drawn to a particular 19th Century genre for which I have many examples and no name. Among […]