Countdown to Consecration

From the Feast of Fruits, Israel began to counting the fifty days until Shavuot. When the last night of the countdown came, the faithful in Israel would spend the night studying the Torah and praying- they were trying to set right the day when Moses came down from the mountain with the stone tablets of the Law,  to find the nation had turned from their King to worship an idol.  This annual act of repentance was to say, “When God sends us His Torah, this year, may we be ready.”  The problem with the Law is we are unready to receive it and refuse to keep it.  The refuse the Law is to refuse the King who gives it.

On particular Pentecost morning, as the Nation was gathered to celebrate the giving of the Law at Sinai, a rushing wind blew across 120 followers of Jesus gathered in prayer- the Holy Spirit came upon them like flames of fire- wind upon all of them, flames upon each of them. This is the offer of the long-awaited answer. The Lord Promised a New Covenant in Jeremiah 33- “I will put my Spirit within them and write my Law upon their hearts”. 

In 2Cor 3:6-18 Paul says at Sinai the finger of God wrote the Law on Tablets of Stone, but since Acts 2, God is writing of the Law on tablets of flesh- the hearts of those who repent and enter the New Covenant through Jesus.  Paul goes on to say, “ Jesus unlocks our minds and hearts to the meaning of Law, the Spirit fills us and as we worship- gazing on the Father and the Son by the power of the Spirit, we are being transformed into the likeness of His Glory.”The Lord sends His Spirit to transform us from rebels against Him, into workers with Him to empowered to labor in His final Harvest.  We are so transfixed we declare and people believe

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