Pentecost: A Commemoration of Future Events

Commemorating Future Events If I were to tell you “in this day, twelve hundred years from today, a very important man will be born.  I think we should declare a holiday in his honor.” How would you respond?  You would probably think I was nuts.  God, however, can do this sort of thing.  That is […]

Mark 12 Is the Vineyard Parable a Rejection of Israel?

Two or three times in as many years, I have had conversations about Jesus’ parable in Mark 12 of the vine growers.  The argument posited to me ran like this, “Doesn’t this parable prove that in Messiah, God was taking His Kingdom from Israel and giving it to the gentiles?  Look at what Jesus says, […]

The Deepest Pain: Psalm 22 a message for Good Friday

Whether we hear the cry from the lips of David or from the dying Savior “My God, Why hast thou forsaken me?” the cry makes little sense from either. These are two people with a sense of the LORD’s presence and intimacy and yet the draw from the well of the deepest human pain, alienation. […]

The Torah as a Guide in the Two Current Crises

In the midst of a global pandemic and during the week that started the trial of the man who killed George Floyd, one might well ask, “how are some ancient laws from the Bible relevant and aren’t other things more pressing?”  Well, yes and no.  Had we been mindful of the thoughts we have raised […]

Pride, Prejudice and Deuteronomy- Women and Land Inheritance in the Old Testament

On my drive to work this morning I conducted a small thought experiment (while keeping my mind carefully on the road).  I took the scenario of Pride and Prejudice and placed it in the realm of Deuteronomic Law and then I took the case of the daughters of Zelophehad and placed it in the legal […]

There’s a Lamb In the House: Passover and Palm Sunday from Exodus 11:9-12:6

The lamb was the people’s wealth and sustenance. To slay a yearling was to slay all those that would come from the animal. For the faithful in Egypt, the offering of the lamb was saying this, “God we have turned our back once and for all on Egypt. Our future is in You and You only. “