“Fulfilled”? or “Subsumed”?

I am thinking this morning that some of the conversation about Christ and the Law have resulted in through developments in English language regarding the word “fulfilled.” The Greek word, used in the New Testament, carried the idea of “bringing something into its fullest expression.” Over time, we have seen “fullfilling” as meaning that something […]

The Purpose of Leviticus

Our highest aim, as things stand, is that on occasions, we, in the guise of one exceptionally called an exceptional prepared, may pass through the holies place and return to the mundane alive with news of peace with the Holy One.  So, the problem remains how God’s presence can walk among his people. The problem that remains is how God ‘s presence can rest and remain among an unholy people.

The Problem with the Lectionary No One is Talking About

A friend of mine, years ago told me, “We always go to a liturgical worship service when we travel because regardless of anything else in the service, we can at least know that we will hear readings from the Bible.”  My friend offered sage advice, and yet I have a serious problem with the Christian […]

Sacrifice, I Do Not Desire…? Does Hebrews 10 End the Sacrificial System?

In this note, we consider what the writer of Hebrews meant when quoting Psalm 40, and whether recent Christian commentators have been adequately nuanced in their interpretations of the writer’s meaning. The language of Psalm 40 regarding sacrifice is notable, but not unique. The biblical writers expressed this thought in several variations. Below are a […]

Washing of Hands and “All Foods Clean” The Incongruities in Interpreting Mark 7

Mark 7 finds Jesus engaged in a normal discussion about the Torah and tradition, that seems to many Christians, to end in a note lifting Torah and tradition.  Jesus argues that the Pharisees and Scribe’s means of following the traditions of the elders invalidates the Law of the LORD.  However, if Jesus did as Christians […]

Present Pain and the Promise of Healing

In the last week as I have watched and prayed and cried regarding things in Israel, I could not help but think of John’s closing vision in Revelation. Here are two sections of that vision:  “And I John saw the holy city, new Jerusalem, coming down from God out of heaven, prepared as a bride […]