I am concerned about the trend that sees and refers to others as “sheeple”, “zombies”, and “lizard people”. While ideological tags like “conservative” or “liberal” tend to shrink the scope of another’s personhood, these animal or undead tags aim to remove the personhood of others entirely.Contrast this with a few concepts that arise from the […]

Books: The Grey World, Evelyn Underhill

I have taken a few running starts at Underhill’s major work on Practical Mysticism, but I have never gotten through it. I was surprised to discover this remarkable thinker was also a novelist. In the Grey World Underhill deals with life from the perspective of the dead, rather than death from the perspective of the […]

A King Who Can Cry

Recently I read a comment that Trump may sin, and whether he confesses is between him and God.  Aside from the fact that Trump has clearly and publicly stated that he will never regret or apologize for anything he does, it made me wonder whether we who claim to follow Jesus have never considered a […]