Mark 12 Is the Vineyard Parable a Rejection of Israel?

Two or three times in as many years, I have had conversations about Jesus’ parable in Mark 12 of the vine growers.  The argument posited to me ran like this, “Doesn’t this parable prove that in Messiah, God was taking His Kingdom from Israel and giving it to the gentiles?  Look at what Jesus says, […]

Heal Our Land

The Bible uses this phrase to encompass the land’s needing to be cleansed because of the sins of the people, the ecological effects of not keeping the LORD’s commands, and very specifically, for the weeping of the land that has soaked up the blood from the slaying of innocent people. It is the cry that […]

The Cost of Mis-Reading IV The Very Worst Scenario

I have been posting these notes from my studies in the Torah in preparation of addressing an issue so horrible I hate to even speak of it. However since the issue has come up in the news and on my newsfeed twice in one month I feel like I should say something. In a news-piece […]

The Cost of Mis-Reading Part III Does the Bible Prescribe the Public Humiliation of Women by their Husbands?

Deuteronomy 22:13-21 A New Bride Accused This text is often described in terms of what should be done in the case of a woman who is married and found not to be a virgin.  In fact, it is about what to do when a private matter is dealt with in a public and inappropriate way. […]

The Cost of Mis-Reading Part II Is a Woman “Defiled” by Marriage?

The Case of Divorce, Remarriage, Divorce and Returning to the First Husband Deuteronomy 24:1-4 Deuteronomy 24 since it is often used as the definitive case regarding divorce.  Ironically, it is in the section regarding theft, and it is about a very particular circumstance: A man takes a wife and marries her.She finds no favor in […]

The Cost of Mis-Reading Part I Reclaiming the Bible’s Terminology

The cost of mis-interpreting the Bible has been largely borne by women. Women’s voices have been under-represented in many of the loudest conversations about the sections of Scriptures that impact them most. This has further left women out of the conversation, as their very right to speak has been called into question. This is not […]

Ask the Rabbi

Growing up, I learned that Hanukkah, Passover, and Purim spoke of the need, motive, and way of social justice.  Keeping the feasts and telling the stories kept us focused on the need to see and lift the oppression of others.  We were moved to do so because we ourselves had suffered.  We were compelled to […]

A Wall Runs Through Our Town

From the 2020 Pandemic to the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis, the winks and nods from the powers of this present darkness to those who seek to kill and destroy has left too many sisters and brothers vulnerable. It is not time to be silent but to cry out until the walls all come […]