Yom Kippur – And Heaven

When Jesus went to His “Father’s House” to “prepare a place for us” He was not simply going there to dust the furniture and change the sheets.  He had come to earth to make sinners fit for Heaven.  He has returned there to get Heaven ready to receive sinners, to receive us…

The Deepest Pain: Psalm 22 a message for Good Friday

Whether we hear the cry from the lips of David or from the dying Savior “My God, Why hast thou forsaken me?” the cry makes little sense from either. These are two people with a sense of the LORD’s presence and intimacy and yet the draw from the well of the deepest human pain, alienation. […]

The Torah as a Guide in the Two Current Crises

In the midst of a global pandemic and during the week that started the trial of the man who killed George Floyd, one might well ask, “how are some ancient laws from the Bible relevant and aren’t other things more pressing?”  Well, yes and no.  Had we been mindful of the thoughts we have raised […]

Ask the Rabbi

Growing up, I learned that Hanukkah, Passover, and Purim spoke of the need, motive, and way of social justice.  Keeping the feasts and telling the stories kept us focused on the need to see and lift the oppression of others.  We were moved to do so because we ourselves had suffered.  We were compelled to […]

Rolled Away Stone And Rightsideup World

There is something about a broken seal, a rolled away stone, courageous women, terrified soldiers, and a risen Lord that speak to our hearts about truth, vindication and hope the way nothing else ever has or will. It took a rolled away stone to right this world and and empty tomb to make it new […]

Death Interrupted

The Angel’s announcement is Heaven meddling in earth’s affairs.  We silence the oppressed, honor the strong, and bury the dead.  We carry on our tacit agreement with politics, custom, and death itself, but Christ’s resurrection means earth’s charade is as empty as the tomb itself.  With three words, business as usual has been shaken to […]

Psalm18 Uncomfortable Comfort

“The LORD has rewarded me according to my righteousness, According to the cleanness of my hands.” I am not able to say this, and I doubt anyone can. I have not “kept the ways of the LORD,” I have not been “blameless with Him.” Can I ask for the same deliverence as the David? What’s more, when could David pray this prayer truthfully?